Personal Tarot Card Reading

Personal Tarot Card Reading


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This is a more in depth reading than the 3 card spread that will be done with a photo and explanation via email. Please provide your email address for delivery. If you have any preferences for decks, let me know. Otherwise I will be choosing intuitively.

If you have a particular question in mind or theme you want to explore, you can let me know. Generally I tend to go with what comes through with the cards pulled. Keep in mind, not everything may resonate for you but I will do my best to provide a quality reading for you.

Disclaimer ⚠: Please do not substitute my readings for professional advice. They are meant as guidance and nudges from the universe, and I hope they provide you useful insight or comfort in your situation. I am not responsible for any decisions made as a result of my readings, and I encourage you to use your own intuition and best judgment with the information given to you. I find tarot reading to be fun and also very useful in reflecting on my own life and situations. It can be entertaining, but also a bit hard to hear depending on the message. I recommend seeking professional help for any serious issues, to include psychological, medical or legal.

If you are interested in any general zodiac or pick a cards by me, I have a YouTube channel: