Find the Courage to Live Authentically

I came up with the name Xenodox as the name for a future business in 2011. I had a vision of bringing together people who were underrepresented, and giving them a platform to share their thoughts and creations. “Xeno” means outside or strange. “Dox” means view or opinion. As a bit of an oddball and outcast myself, I liked the idea of encouraging others who also felt like outcasts.

Over a decade later I realized I hadn’t gotten to the point of truly accepting myself fully, and even if I had a platform I would have hesitated to be authentic and uninhibited myself. How could I provide a platform for others when I was not standing strong in my own authenticity? At the end of 2019 I had a series of Tower moments that coincided with being reintroduced on a deeper level to MBTI, enneagram, numerology, tarot, and astrology. Serendipitously I had been given the tools to process my heavy emotions, and begin the path to spiritual awakening. I have delved into more introspection, healing techniques, and spiritual practices since then.

As I move out of the more rigorous parts of my healing and spiritual journey, I feel my purpose has evolved to be someone who hands these tools to others. Specifically, I would like to help those who don’t often resonate with conventional methods because of being neurodiverse, LGBTQIA, and/or another type of minority. 
It can often feel like the world was only made for those who meet the modern standards of “normal.” But this world is ancient. The collective unconscious is full of legends and archetypes mostly forgotten in our time, but held in dimensions beyond the reach of our 3D consciousness. Be open to the reality beyond the boundary. Be open to learning the true signature of your soul. It may turn out that the ways in which we are not “normal” don’t matter at all. 

We were born to live, learn, and grow. Not fit into a modern day mold.

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